SoftBums Cloth Diaper Review Adjustable One Size

Yup! These are soft!

Yup! These are soft!

Love this diaper! The SoftBums AI2 (all in two) one size diaper has an adjustable leg elastic unlike any other on the market. While there are at least 4 one size diapers I know of with adjustable leg elastic, this one is by far the most adjustable and trim fitting. Much less bulk than the more well known brand -and there is not button or snap to get in baby’s way.

SoftBums are very narrow in the crotch and have narrower than usual tabs, so they fit very trimly in the front without sacrificing coverage.

The secret (patent pending) is in the way the elastic legs adjust. The front of the diaper has a small opening so you can reach the leg elastic. Just pull the elastic to the desired tightness and tighten the sliding drawstring clasps. Very easy to do and you only need to adjust the elastic when your baby grows. The only drawback I see to this system is that the opening is small, so it might be harder for dads or those with difficulty grasping small things (for instance, my mother’s arthritis would prevent her from using these easily). These are probably not the best system for use with two kids in diapers at the same time, since the adjustment is not as fast as a snap rise adjustment or the snaps in Rocky Mountain Diapers.

What I really love about these diapers is the amazing level of adjustability in the legs. My little girl is tiny and her legs have gotten even thinner since she started crawling and cruising. Many of her other diapers are too big at the legs now, even if they fit fine last month! The adjustability in the legs allows me to tighten the legs to fit her, something most other diapers don’t allow me to do.

The fit is also very trim, even though these are absorbent diapers. I purchased one cover and one of each microfiber and bamboo inserts. SoftBums added a bamboo doubler for me to try. Both insertrs are very absorbent. Since the cover can be reused simply by snapping in a new insert, you can get by with fewer covers. This makes the SoftBums system very cost effective as well. The inserts are one size, so you simply fold down the length to where it is needed. This puts the absorbency where it is needed without a lot of extra bulk.

I tested the bamboo insert overnight with a bamboo doubler. No leaks!

I will definitely be adding these to my store soon.

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